Kobold Press Bestiary – Sample Miniatures

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Here are some miniatures we have nearly completed:

Here we show some ink-washed examples of miniatures for this project side-by-side with the concept art that inspired them.  We have added this image to the top of the main page of our Kickstarter’s story.  Find us HERE for more details!!



For anyone who missed the update we added this “Non-Stretch Goal” ADD-ON.

For an additional pledge of $12, you can add the Thursir Giant to your collection of Beasts! If you would like to get one, join our Kickstarter for as little as a $15 pledge.  At the end of the Kickstarter we send out survey’s to ask which ADD-ONS you would like to receive.  That is when you can tell us that your pledge was for this fearsome 28mm scale giant!


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