Kobold Press Bestiary – 29/60 Miniatures Unlocked End of Day 5

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More amazing miniatures unlocked today!


There has been some great support and media shares from the community that wants to see these miniatures created. If you clicked and are reading this, chances are you are part of the community creating this trend!  As long as you and others continue to spread the word, others will have the chance to discover miniatures they might like to add to their collection!

If you are not yet part of the community, join us for the fun of it at $1.  I know the holidays are here, but you do not have to spend big to be a part of making this great. Even kicking $1 towards the project would make you a part of the community and make it possible for you to comment on the project which could be invaluable, but most of all keep sharing these to let people know they can be a part of bringing new miniatures into the world from Kobold Press’s bestiary.

At the end of our 5th day Kicktraq has this #Miniatures #Kickstarter project trending towards $106,285 well beyond what we need to unlock all stretch goals!!! 


Let us know which miniature you are waiting to unlock!

Next up the Bear King at $19,000!!





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