The Court of the Sultana – 2 goals met, adding 5 figures to the project!

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Before you go too far be warned this project is NSFW… 

We have conjured up a world in our mind where the Sultana rules supreme in a female dominated society where men are culled and kept only for breeding. At least, that is our story thus far which continues to feed our inspiration toward the figures for this Kickstarter.  This has been the most interactive Kickstarter we have had this far, and we are excited to have our backers so involved with their ideas for these figures. Come join the fun!

The link will take you to the Kickstarter project:

So about those extra figures unlocked by stretch goals:

  • UNLOCKED: $6000 – Female Water Bearer: with a +7 add-on price (unlocking the Female Lounging Hetaira as a +7 add-on option)
  • UNLOCKED: $7000 – Female Palace Guard: with a +7 add-on price (unlocking 2 other Female Guards in different poses each available as +7 add-on options)
  • $8000 Female Palace Musician-Drummer with drum  with a +7 add on price (unlocking Female Drumming Partner as $7 add on option)
  • $9000 Female Vizier with a +7 add on price (unlocking and alternate pose of Kas Khan the big cat for $7 add on option)

    The most popular option is “The Whole Court” @ $65.  This is the pledge that comes with the following and gains an additional figure for each unlocked stretch goal.

    -5″ x 7″ Print by Domenico Neziti

    -Fan Bearer1
    -Fan Bearer2
    -Ribbon Dancer
    -Flame Priestess
    -The Sultana
    -The Djinn

    -2× Hookah
    -2× Bird Stand
    -3× Ornate Rug
    -4× Pillows

    -Option to select Add-Ons

    -1 Copy of ALL unlocked Stretch Goals