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Ninja School Girls Vs Zombies(tm) Game – Beta


A horde of zombies has invaded your secret ninja school.  Many fellow ninja students have died all around you.  You ran and found shelter for a brief moment, and have now gathered your Ki Energy and your resolve to escape from your current hiding place.  Before venturing out into a potentially hostile world overrun with undead you are determined to gather some items to build your confidence to face the nightmare.  Grab some things and get out as soon as possible.  Good Luck!

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Hello, I created this game to be fast and simple.  Then it became a little more complicated, but I hope it is still easy to learn as I created both Quick Play and Full version rules.  I hope to add more comedic elements to it in any final release and I am looking for comments and suggestions.  The game was originally conceptualized to help us sell Miniatures, but it quickly became fun enough that we are considering a full release in the future.


I am hoping you as a Play Tester enjoy this game to the degree you find it worth recommending to a friend or two.


The game is designed to run on Six-Sided Dice and can be played in a solo/survival mode.  Each player will want to have 2 Six-Sided dice to use as counters on their Character sheets, 1 for Ki Energy and the other for Zombie Stalkers that are looking to rip the Ninja Schoolgirl into itty bitty pieces if only they could get their hands on the lithe and sneaky Ninja.


A community of 3-4 Six-Sided Dice can be shared in turn order to the active player.  The typical Action Roll will use 2 Six-Sided Dice.  The extra Di can be purchased with Ki Energy Points that are gained mostly through successfully eliminating a Zombie Stalker.


After that it is up to you to run around the school acquiring items that give you Confidence enough to leave the school.  Whoever has the most Confidence at the end, wins the game!  Who will be the most Confident Ninja?  If anyone actually lives that is…