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Glogg Bangshead & the Cavern of Curses by Willie Walsh


This pdf is a brilliantly written campaign starter designed for 5 level Pathfinder adventurers. It is full of rich character descriptions and mysterious ancient histories that will keep your players both laughing and craving more.

“set in a settled valley, bordered by wilderness where traces of an earlier civilisation are to be found. A community of farmers lately made prosperous by the improvement of a local distillery look forward to the future. But the past is never far beneath the surface…”

Written by long time adventure writer & Dungeon Magazine contributer, Willie Walsh!




In “Glogg Bangshead and the Cavern of Curses” the adventure takes place in a semi-wilderness area, where the main industries are droving and hunting. The countryside has a long history of settlement and civilization, most of which has been forgotten, though clues remain in the wilder areas. The isolated, sparsely populated region makes it easy to drop into a corner of the GM’s world without too much customization. The cavern of the adventure’s title is avoided, as legend has it that eerie fates await those who trespass in its shadowy interior. The destiny of one band of seemingly ordinary trolls is changed when, coming and going from the cave on an errand they physically change in size and can’t fit back in! Perhaps feeling they are released from the tenuous hold their disliked masters had on them by this development, the trio set out to seek adventure as only vicious (but slightly dim-witted) trolls can. The course of the adventure sees the player characters seek answers to the kidnapping of several families in the remote area. Their quest leads them to a remarkable meeting with giant trolls in full party mood. But though the monsters’ unexpected size is indeed a challenge, it is only one step on a path leading to mysterious forces, ancient magicks and the uncovering of a dangerous plot.

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