Metamorphosis Alpha(tm) Minis – Kickstarter- Concept 1 Test Print

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There have been some requests for proof of our print quality for this Metamorphosis Alpha™ Miniatures – Kickstarter, and we would like to oblige the communities request by showing our medium resolution test print.

Although we are not professional painters we added some color & highlights to show the modeled surface and a hint of how wickedly we view this model. We are busy wrapping up our last Kickstarter – The Big Bastards while simultaneously organizing this one, so please forgive us that we did not take as much time giving a professional paint job to this test print.

We hope that this and our previous Kickstarter along with our store front will show the quality we can provide.  The more we move forward the higher our quality will become as we grow into the effin cool miniature company we want to be, and keep in mind any purchases and pledge amounts you make will enable you to say, “I helped give EffinCoolMinis their start!”

-Cheers! 🙂



Metamorphosis Alpha ™ – First Miniatures for the First SciFi RPG



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