Big Bastards: 80mm Trolls – Arms Update

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We created the molds for the arms, and we were feeling good thinking about the update that would go out later and all the “likes” we could receive for our Big Bastards Kickstarter.  The cheers and hoorahs all fell away to that nagging sensation that something was missing.  A set of arms laying near the computer holding a big boulder as if to crush our dreams… We forgot a set of arms…

Like the tenacious Troll pushing ever forward disregarding the many cuts and scrapes believing in our ability to heal these minor wounds we put forth extra effort and shelled out extra cash to create another set of molds including the missing arms.

Lesson learned?  Probably not, but here at last the masters of the arms and the completed bodies in pewter off to Rob Wheeler @ Pennyfew Painting for some coloring tomorrow!

80mm Troll Pew


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